Leo’s 3-Month Photos

The photo shoot experience was much better this time, and I attribute it all to better planning! Leo’s nap and feeding were perfectly timed to make him super-happy and smiley!

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Leo’s become quite a rolley-polley lately. He’s rolling from tummy-to-back and from back-to-tummy, and sometimes he just stops mid-roll and hangs out with one hip up in the air. He’s become friends with Jerry, a giraffe he got from Great-Grandma Siver. It’s a beenie baby that is perfectly sized for Leo to grab. He really likes hugging him and chewing on his horns/ears.

3 Months Old

Over the last month Leo has grown a lot and has started to take an interest in playing with toys. And dad. Here’s some photos:

Playing with his rattle.

Playing with daddy and his chains.

Playing in his new Jumperoo.

Hanging with dad and checking out “Zippy” the Zebra.

Starting the teething process – lots of drool and He’s trying to put everything he gets a hold of in his mouth.