As seen on TV – With Video

Here’s the link to the Art Talk segment WIBW did covering my artwork, Not Your Typical Painting: Local Artist Uses Anything But Brushes.

They actually split my interview into two segments. So unbeknownst to me, a second, completely unique Art Talk segment aired the following Sunday morning talking about my paintings and the RowHouse. I would have never known about it if my boss, Jake hadn’t mentioned seeing it. Guess that’s what I get for sleeping past 10am on a Sunday!

Check back for coverage of the second Art Talk segment.

As Seen on TV

WIBW’s Morning Show featured me and my artwork on their weekly Art Talk segment on Sunday. It was great!
I actually taped the interview for the piece on Wednesday before I left town for Thanksgiving. The whole thing was pretty cool. I met Lindsey Shively and her cameraman at the RowHouse, and talked for about 20 minutes without me even realizing that they were rolling tape. I was really impressed with the camera work and the close-up shots that the cameraman got of my new piece.
WIBW is going to be posting the spot on their website soon. As soon as it’s up, I’ll provide a link.

Topeka Capital-Journal features “Thoughts, Dreams and Pretty Things”

I awoke this morning to a pleasent suprise! I was going through my normal morning routine, reading the Topeka Capital-Journal when I saw it – I am the featured artist in Bill Blankenship’s write-up about tonight’s First Friday Art Walk!

Check it out: Art Blooms at Art Walk
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Giving it her all – the news story about me in The X

Alissa posing for a photo after her interview with reporter James Foley.Check out Giving it her all in this month’s The X, a monthly arts and entertainment magazine that covers the Kansas City area. The article features 3 photographs of me by my artwork hanging currently at Cafe Trio.

Mr. James Foley, the reporter writing the article, did a brilliant job capturing my spirit and my love for painting! And the photographer, Paul Beaver, was so fun to work with! He had a vision in mind and positioned me in all the right spots to highlight my work.