Homemade Salsa

This week I decided to try making some salsa. It’s one of my favorite foods and gave me a good excuse to stock up on some locally grown produce at the Farmer’s Market.

After reading at least a dozen different recipes, I ended up settling on this black bean salsa recipe, with a few modifications. I ended up incorporating a medium red onion, an additional tomato and a 1/4 cup of lime juice.

Overall, the salsa is pretty good. I think I over-did it a bit with the cilantro, but the longer the mixture refrigerated, the more mellow the cilantro flavor is becoming. Next time I think I’m going to add an additional can of corn, some more lime juice and only use one bunch of green onions.

For my next kitchen adventure, I’m going to try a more traditional tomato-based salsa. I’ve got a half dozen tomatos from the farmers market and borrowed a food processor from my boyfriend. Now all I need is a good recipe to use as my base. If you’ve got any favorites that you’d be willing to share. Send them my way!