Camera Found, Brandon Saves the Day

The day before we headed to Lawrence to set up my display for the Lawrence Art Guild’s Holiday Art Fair, Brandon miraculously found the missing battery charger for the digital camera! Hooray!
The timing couldn’t have been better. To the right is a photo of my display. You’ll notice a few new pieces in there. To see them closer, check out the rest of my new photos in Gallery 12.
I was amazed at the number of fair visitors that remembered my artwork being on display at last year’s Holiday Art Fair. That made me extremely proud! Not just because they remembered my work, but because last year’s show was the one that Brandon worked with out me. I was home sick.

One thought on “Camera Found, Brandon Saves the Day

  1. I’m glad I found the camera too 😀
    I wasn’t looking forward to shelling out the cash for a new charger, when we need to just get a new camera. 🙂

    It was a good time this year, definitely nice to have you with me so I could go take smoke and bathroom breaks…lol

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